Thursday, April 21, 2011

All things interfaith

I'm eager to get Samir Selmanovic's book "It's Really All About God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian" and particularly enjoyed Brian McLaren's review of it:

“I'm speechless in trying to describe this book. I laughed out loud in places and cried big tears at the end. It's a work of faith, a work of art, and to some, no doubt, it will be a work of damnable heresy. I think this book will change people's lives, and more: it can save lives, in the many senses of that word. All the religious pundits and broadcasters on radio and cable TV had better take notice, because this book threatens our conventional, comfortable categories and familiar black-and-white polarities. Selmanovic has the nerve to imagine our religions becoming, not walls behind which we hide and over which we lob bombs of damnation, but bridges over which we travel to find God in the other.”
—Brian McLaren, Author/Activist

On another note, I wrote Brian McLaren and asked if he would write an endorsement for my book once it's a little further along. He agreed!!! And so I've included that information in all my efforts to convince agents and publishers to take up my project. A couple of rejections from agents so far - I am focusing on them first and then will later approach publishers directly.

Also I sent my full book proposal to Richard Rohr just a few days ago and am hoping to hear from him, if he will endorse it, consider writing a foreword, or even put in a word for me to some of his publishers!

Lastly, I attended a meeting of and became a member of the Religions for Peace North American Interfaith Youth Network (youth really meaning young adult). We had a retreat outside of NYC at an interfaith conference center and got to meet all sorts of neat people. I am sure I will post more on this later!

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